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AMAD Training Plan

With the cooperation of Envecon Company, Shahid Beheshti University 

Based on the International Labor Organization (ILO), if the unemployment rate in the country's youth group is more than twice the total unemployment rate, its unemployment rate is at a critical point. By the definition, Iran's unemployment situation is at a critical juncture and one of the main challenges of the country's labor supply is the disparity between the skills of graduate youth and the demand of firms. In the area of ​​information technology, the speed of change is very high and the useful life of the technology is short, so the best strategy for professionals is that after graduation, he coordinated his technical skills with a major brand in the world to adapt to the technological changes of the skills The need for the labor market has not been left behind, and it always moves on the frontiers of technology with periodic retraining.

AMAD plans to increase the skills and obtain international certificates of brands such as Nokia, Microsoft and ... This opportunity is available to the youth of the country, IT industry professionals and other enthusiasts. To be as easy as possible on the road to obtaining international documents.


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